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Owner of GroundUp Therapeutic Care

Mark St. Peter is a therapeutic trainer with 30 years of experience helping people with treatment resistant musculoskeletal pain and mobility issues. What makes him extraordinary at what he does, is he is a trauma survivor himself. He is able to empathize with his clients and knows how and when to push them towards their goals.

In college, Mark was hit by a drunk driver which resulted in severe injury to his whole body. After undergoing over 30 surgeries, he was still in constant pain and had limited mobilityHe tried every form of therapy that was available to him and although it helped, there was always a limitation to his progress. There was always a plateau and his providers would just shrug saying this is the best it will be and to accept it.

But Mark refused to accept this limited recovery and he took matters into his own hands. He started studying the human body and its mechanics, and became a trainer. He was able to heal his body to the point that he does not use supportive equipment, he is able to do the splits with ease, and he can walk long-distances without pain – all things that he was told would not be possible by his surgical team and therapists.

It is from his personal experience, education, and practice expertise that Dynamic Balance, and later GroundUp Therapeutic Care, was born. Mark believes the formula for success rehabilitation is time, consistency, and going back to the basics. He believes a therapeutic trainer should transcend themselves and a reliable and dependable support to their clients. He emphasizes the importance of long-term commitment to his clients to ensure they get to where they need and want to be. And it is this formula that the GroundUp Therapeutic Care approach to rehabilitation is based on.

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We offer remote training through zoom and in-person training at our San Francisco office. House call services are also available.

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