GroundUp Therapeutic Care General Disclaimer


1. GroundUp Therapeutic Care (nor any of its employees, agents or representatives), is not engaged in rendering medical advice, nor does it (or any of its employees, agents or representatives) hold itself as qualified to do so.

2. We strongly recommend that you seek professional medical advice before embarking on any exercise or therapeutic endeavor. 

3. Any exercise program, even in healthy individuals, carries risk. You have a responsibility to use your own personal judgment, incorporating medical considerations, before acting on any of the content provided by GroundUp Therapeutic Care.

Personal Plans

1. If you are provided a personally-tailored exercise plan by GroundUp Therapeutic Care, the information contained therein should not be regarded as, nor relied upon as, being a comprehensive health or exercise program. Accordingly, any actions that you take in relation to a personal plan should not be pursued regardless of, nor to the exclusion of, other information, opinions, or judgments that are available to you.

2. Any Personal Plan will have been prepared on the basis of information provided by you. You are responsible for the accuracy of any information that you provide to GroundUp Therapeutic Care. You are responsible for disclosing any health issues or medical conditions you may have.

3. Before taking any action in relation to a personal plan, you must take into account any other factors of which you are, or ought to be, aware. For example: we always recommend that you seek professional medical advice before embarking on any exercise program. Your decisions to engage in any exercise program should take into account any medical, or other professional advice, that is available to you as well as using your own personal judgment as to what activity is safe for you to engage in.

4. The information set out in any personal plan may relate to certain contexts and may not be suitable in other contexts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not use the information we provide in the wrong context. For example, a program tailored for a woman who was not pregnant would not be appropriate for her to use after becoming pregnant.

Other Information

1. Any information that we provide that does not form part of a personal plan, whether obtained through our website, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or otherwise, is provided for the purposes of general education only.


Expected Results

1. While we believe that, for most people, following our programs and methods will lead to their desired results, all exercise programs depend on the individual. Results will be affected by the effort and commitment of the individual. However, in some circumstances, even where an individual follows our program, they may not achieve the desired results. We therefore provide no warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to:

  1. A. The effectiveness of any techniques or programs that we deliver.
  1. B. The results that you may achieve as a result of following our programs.
  2. 2. All testimonials shown on our website, or in our content, are real people who have followed the plans provided by GroundUp Therapeutic Care. They are not indicative of the results that you are likely to achieve, rather they are included as examples of the results that particular individuals have achieved.