Our Approach

Our approach can be tailored to all physical needs and goals. Whether you are a performance-focused athlete, someone enduring a repetitive stress injury, suffering from major trauma, or simply want to improve your fitness level, we can help you regain function and improve performance.

Our approach is derived from our parent company Dynamic Balance which has developed the Therapeutic Physical Care (TPC) approach to therapeutic practice. TPC is the big gap between physical therapy and fitness where millions with limiting physical conditions live. They don’t qualify for physical therapy but need rehabilitation; and the fitness market has little or nothing to offer them. TPC focuses on optimizing your rehabilitation journey and that doesn’t stop when you get to a level of being “just functional”.

 We take it back to the basics. Our method consists of body work, strength training, stretching, & fostering body awareness. Through this combination of techniques we stimulate the body’s natural regenerative abilities. There is no cookie cutter protocol to healing. We consider each case individually and ensure that we are using the most appropriate tools for your rehabilitative journey.

We pride ourselves on the dedication we give our clients. We are ready to honor the commitment that each rehabilitative journey is. We do not cut corners and we do not try to get you across the finish line before your time. The goal is to get you to a higher function than you determine to be necessary.  We are about getting it right, and helping individuals get to better places.

The GroundUp Therapeutic Care approach requires the commitment of the trainer and the client. We don’t just coach you during your sessions on strength training, stretching, and body awareness. We explain why we do the work we do and how you can do them independently into the future. We coach loved-ones to help with at-home recovery. We also discuss sports nutrition, food coaching, and weight loss habits as needed.

GroundUp Therapeutic Care is not restricted by external bodies, such as insurance companies. This means we have an unlimited range of tools and options to get you to your goals. If we don’t have the tools we might know someone who does. Shrugging our shoulders and saying there is nothing more we can do is not an option until we have tried something! Change starts with intention.

We are a multimodular company, offering virtual, in-person, and hybrid sessions. So whether you would like to visit us in-person or fix your posture from the comfort of your own home, we are happy to accommodate you. We are able to help you wherever you are!

Long Term Solutions

In recent times the traditional medical system has become overly focused on the “management” of pain and lack of mobility. The basic physical therapy prescription doesn’t last longer then 3 months which is often not long enough to treat complex cases. We focus on long term sustainable care that gets and keeps you healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How much does it cost?

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Why are consultations $10?
Consultations aren’t free primarily to reduce no shows. However, it also serves a second benefit of getting people to committed to the process. We won’t pretend that transformations are easy. It takes weekly commitment to change your body and the more committed you are at the start of the process, the less likely you are quit before you reach your goals.
What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied we offer a no questions asked refund on all our services. Email contact@groundup.care for more info.

How many sessions should I do?

We recommend doing at least 3 sessions at the start of your journey. These sessions allow Mark to get to know you and make a program that is tailored to your body and goals. You can do as many sessions as you would like.

What can I expect during my consultation?

Mark will sit down with you for an hour and learn your story. You will discuss your situations, goals, and expectations. Mark will have you try out some exercises to see how your body responds to movement and where the breaks down are.

Still have questions?

Contact us at contact@groundup.care

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We offer remote training through zoom and in-person training at our San Francisco office. House call services are also available.

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