Groundup therapeutic care

Specialized training for those living with trauma and chronic pain traditional systems do not serve.

Chronic Pain & Lack of Mobility

Life has a tendency to knock us down. We can help you get back up again no matter how many doctors you have seen.

Complex Treatment Resistant Cases

The majority of clients we work with have seen every specialist imaginable and were unable to find answers till they came to us.

30 Years of Experience

Over the years we have seen a large range of conditions. Everything from extreme trauma to professional athletes with career ending injuries.

You Deserve a Fully Functioning Pain-Free Life

Welcome to Dynamic Balance‘s subsidiary company GroundUp Therapeutic Care focused on chronic pain and trauma recovery!

We aim to fill the gap between physical therapy and the fitness industry.  Physical therapy can help return you to basic function. We seek to return you to full function. Fitness training can improve your physique. We seek to combine the two disciplines. Our goal is to let the world know that a pain-free fully-functional life is possible and attainable.

We are a multimodular company, offering virtual, in-person, and hybrid sessions. So whether you would like to visit us in-person or fix your posture from the comfort of your own home, we are happy to accommodate you. We are able to help you wherever you are!

Have you spent years searching for answers to your physical ailments?

You’re not alone. It’s time to take a chance on a different approach.

Long Term Solutions

In recent times the traditional medical system has become overly focused on the “management” of pain and lack of mobility. The basic physical therapy prescription doesn’t last longer then 3 months which is often not long enough to treat complex cases. We focus on long term sustainable care that gets and keeps you healthy.

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We offer remote training through zoom and in-person training at our San Francisco office. House call services are also available.

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